Litigation and alternative dispute resolution

From the Magistrate’s Court in the small town of Vrede to the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg, our litigation attorneys have represented clients ┬áin almost every court in South Africa.

Although litigation is a popular dispute resolution mechanism, it is not suited for every matter. Alternative disputes resolution is becoming an increasingly popular method for resolving disputes. Our alternative dispute resolution attorneys have assisted clients with countless mediations and arbitrated is large commercial disputes.

Our dispute resolution attorneys frequently our clients in matters involving:

  • Administrative law;
  • Construction disputes;
  • Contractual disputes;
  • Delictual claims;
  • Family law and matrimonial disputes;
  • Insolvency law; including liquidations, sequestrations and rehabilitations;
  • Insurance law;
  • Labour law;
  • Personal injury claims;
  • Product liability and consumer protection;
  • Regulatory matters, including representation of clients in proceedings brought by regulatory bodies;
  • Restraints of trade.

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